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Is it good to use the Bayer polycarbonate hollow sheet for the balcony canopy?

Nowadays, new building materials are getting more and more attention from users. PC Sunshine Board is no longer an unpopular building material product. Even when ordinary owners look for the ceiling of their balcony, they also consider using PC sunshine board. Today, the wheat grain building materials Xiaobian is to answer a question from a friend who had previously asked "A balcony canopy to choose Bayer PC Sunshine board is easy to use."

1. Why does the balcony canopy choose PC sunshine board?

PC sunshine board is also called hollow board, hollow board, as the name suggests, the middle is hollow, has good impact resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, lighting, anti-UV, flame retardant, etc., has the reputation of "king of transparent plastic". Because of its high transparency, high impact resistance, aging resistance, heat insulation and flame retardancy, PC sheet is an ideal daylighting material for agricultural greenhouses, industrial plants, recreational facilities and public buildings. Therefore, balcony canopy selection polycarbonate hollow sheet is a good choice.

2, why the balcony canopy choose Bayer polycarbonate hollow sheet

The polycarbonate hollow sheet produced by Bayer raw materials in Germany has a longer service life of polycarbonate hollow sheet. Generally, the PC board produced by Bayer raw materials will provide consumers with a 10-year warranty, while other brands of PC materials are generally guaranteed. 5 years or even less.

3, balcony canopy polycarbonate hollow sheet purchase method

1), look at transparency, the best polycarbonate hollow sheet transmittance is about 94%, the lower the transparency, the more recycled materials, the inferior sun board color is black.

2) Pull out the protective film to view the paper. Non-impurity and non-particulate plates are a completely new raw material. On the contrary, if there is a foreign matter, a recycled material is added. The more recycled material, the more obvious the impurities.

3) View the thickness of the upper and lower walls. The thicker the material, the higher the specific gravity, the higher the cost, and the better the quality of the board. This method is also the same as the method of weighing a solar panel per unit area.

4), bending the sun plate sample, the worse the quality of the fragile sheet, the PC endurance board has better toughness. If the sheet is very susceptible to breakage, it means that it is not a pure PC material, ie a solar panel and a recycled material.

5) Look at the PE protective film on the surface of the sun board. If the sticker is better and does not fall off, it means that the equipment process is not behind or the manufacturer's production attitude is more strict.

6) Look at the flatness of the plate. On the one hand, the flat plate indicates that the upper and lower walls are thicker and the material is sufficiently deformed. On the other hand, the equipment process is also better. If the board has waves, it means that the sun board process is still immature. Or the upper and lower walls are relatively thin.

7), price, the same specifications of the sun board, the price gap between different brands of sun panels is too large, and the low price sun board is definitely a problem

Well, the above is the wheat grain building materials editior from the performance characteristics of PC endurance board, Bayer polycarbonate hollow sheet advantage and balcony canopy polycarbonate hollow sheet purchase method to solve the problem of balcony balcony canopy selection Bayer polycarbonate hollow sheet is easy to use, I believe you have some understanding of this.

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