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Difference between polycarbonate sheet and polyurethane insulation sheet

With the continuous development and progress of engineering plastic materials, there are more and more categories of plastic plates in the building materials market. Recently, Songxia building materials Co., Ltd., a Foshan polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, received many customers and friends asking "what is polyurethane material" and "the difference between polycarbonate sheet and polyurethane insulation sheet" "Is polyurethane insulation sheet toxic" and other functions and characteristics of polyurethane sheet. Today, Songxia building materials, a manufacturer of PC polycarbonate sheet, will sort out the differences between polyurethane plastics and polycarbonate plastics.


What material is polyurethane

Polyurethane (PUR) is a general term for a high molecular compound. Polyurethane can be used to produce foam plastics, elastomers, leather products, coatings, fibers and other products. The raw materials used for polyurethane include isocyanates, polyols, catalysts, foam stabilizers, foaming agents, crosslinking agents, etc. Among them, isocyanate is the main raw material of polyurethane, and PUR is used as the base material to make plastic materials or products with numerous small pores, called polyurethane foam.


Difference between polycarbonate sheet and polyurethane insulation sheet

Polycarbonate sheet is a polycarbonate solid sheet made of polycarbonate particles as the main raw material, that is, PC polycarbonate sheet. It has the characteristics of strong impact resistance, high light transmittance, UV protection, good flexibility, sound insulation and noise reduction, flame retardant and fire prevention.


Polyurethane composite sheet thermal insulation sheet has low thermal conductivity among all thermal insulation materials. It not only has excellent thermal insulation performance, but also has good freeze-thaw resistance and sound absorption. Polyurethane also has moisture-proof and waterproof performance. Because the closed cell rate of hard polyurethane is more than 90%, it is a hydrophobic material. Due to the excellent thermal insulation performance of polyurethane plate, under the same thermal insulation requirements, it can reduce the thickness of the outer envelope of the building, so as to increase the indoor use area.


Is polyurethane insulation sheet poisonous

Polyurethane insulation sheet is non-toxic. Polyurethane insulation sheet is a new type of insulation material. It has no toxicity and good stability. It will not volatilize harmful substances at room temperature. Even in the burning state, the content of volatile hydrogen cyanide is very small, which can not reach the degree of poisoning.

Well, the above is the knowledge about what polyurethane is, the difference between polycarbonate sheet and polyurethane insulation sheet, and whether polyurethane insulation sheet is toxic. I hope it can help friends who want to know polycarbonate sheet and polyurethane sheet. For more polycarbonate sheet product specifications, dimensions and price information, please visit Songxia building materials website.

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