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Four reasons for choosing polycarbonate sheet in car parking shed

The demand for sunshades such as electric vehicle charging pile canopy, household car parking shed and outdoor parking shed also began to expand gradually. So why do the surrounding car parking sheds increasingly choose polycarbonate sheet or  hollow polycarbonate sheet? Today, Foshan  polycarbonate sheet manufacturer Songxia building materials Xiaobian will introduce why among many canopy materials, consumers increasingly prefer to use  polycarbonate sheet as the ceiling material of parking shed.


Reason 1 for choosing  polycarbonate sheet for car parking shed:

The high light transmittance of  polycarbonate sheet is mainly reflected in that the light transmittance of transparent  polycarbonate sheet can reach 89%, which is almost the same as that of glass. At the same time,  polycarbonate sheet will be treated with UV coating to make it have the ability to isolate ultraviolet rays.  polycarbonate sheet is used as canopy material. Even if the terrace parking shed is exposed to the sun, it will not have aging effect on the car interior.


Reason 2 for choosing  polycarbonate sheet for car parking shed:

The  polycarbonate sheet has strong impact force and can withstand the drop of 1kg hammer at a height of 1m without damage. When used in the parking shed roof, the  polycarbonate sheet can bear 20-50cm snow, and the impact strength is 200 times that of ordinary glass. The  polycarbonate sheet also has flexibility and almost no risk of fracture, and can effectively resist various falling objects faced by the outdoor car sunshade.


Three reasons for choosing  polycarbonate sheet for car parking shed:

Polycarbonate solid sheets has good weather resistance, can adapt to the climate range of minus 20 to 120 , and will not cause quality changes such as deformation, which makes the use of  polycarbonate sheet as parking shed more widely than other engineering plastic materials, and the heat insulation effect of  polycarbonate sheet is better than that of glass of the same thickness, even in areas with bad weather, The  polycarbonate sheet parking shed can also continuously and effectively protect the car.


Four reasons for choosing  polycarbonate  sheet for car parking shed:

Compared with glass, acrylic or other plastics, the weight of  polycarbonate sheet is very light, and the proportion is only half of that of glass, which is undoubtedly more convenient and cost-effective for the transportation, removal and installation of car or bicycle parking shed. In addition, the easy processing characteristics of  polycarbonate sheet can be bent into an arched and semicircular outdoor parking shed according to the actual needs of the parking shed site.

The above is the  polycarbonate sheet information compiled by Foshan  polycarbonate sheet manufacturer Songxia building materials. It can be seen that  polycarbonate sheet has the characteristics of good daylighting, light weight and impact resistance, UV protection, sound insulation and heat insulation, flame retardant and self extinguishing. These are the characteristics of the  polycarbonate sheet, which can not only ensure that the parking shed can prevent falling objects, but also effectively resist the ultraviolet radiation under the hot sun, but also have a good performance in fire prevention and flame retardant. Xiaobian, a manufacturer of Songxia  polycarbonate sheet, thinks that this may be the reason why the outdoor parking shed uses  polycarbonate sheet as sunshade and rainproof ceiling materials.

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