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Glass or polycarbonate hollow sheet for transparent roof

Recently, Songxia building materials Co., Ltd.,a polycarbonate hollow sheet manufacturer in Foshan, saw a question from a netizen on the Internet: "I have a small terrace. I want to build a transparent roof. The property doesn't agree to use glass. Do you have any other suitable roof materials? Is the sunlight board not transparent enough and of low grade? "

In fact, many friends will struggle to make their own sunshine room, choose glass roof or polycarbonate hollow sheet material? Today, Songxia building materials Co., Ltd., a Guangdong polycarbonate hollow sheet manufacturer, is going to help you understand this new material. In the future, if you want to build a sunshine room in the balcony, terrace or garden, you will have an extra choice.

First of all, about the grade of the sunlight board.

The polycarbonate hollow sheet is made of polycarbonate with good comprehensive performance as raw material and processed by extrusion. It is also called polycarbonate hollow sheet or polycarbonate hollow board. It has the characteristics of high light transmittance, strong impact resistance, UV protection, toughness and bending. It is known as the "king of transparent plastics". In addition, the polycarbonate hollow sheet has a variety of colors. It is a new type of man-made building material, Often used for curtain wall, roof, indoor partition, etc.

In addition, the impact resistance of the sunlight plate is also enough to withstand the impact of ordinary heavy objects. The impact strength of the sunlight plate is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 30 times that of acrylic plate with the same thickness, 2-20 times that of tempered glass, and there is no crack when it falls two meters below 3kg hammer, so it has the reputation of "unbreakable glass" and "Xianggang". For example, the solid Polycarbonate sheet (i.e. endurance board) is a material that can be used as an explosion-proof shield and a bulletproof unbreakable glass.

Secondly, the installation and construction of polycarbonate hollow sheet.

polycarbonate hollow sheet is light in weight, and its specific gravity is only half of that of glass. The main way of installation is not to use glue, but to use screws and strips to splice the polycarbonate hollow sheets together, and the edge can be closed with aluminum. In addition, the sun plate can be bent, in the construction site can use cold bending method, installed into arch, semicircle roof and window. The minimum bending radius is 175 times of the plate thickness, and hot bending is also allowed.

Finally, let's talk about the permeability of the polycarbonate hollow sheet.

Nowadays, the new type of polycarbonate hollow sheet is a kind of high-grade building decoration material with good flame retardancy. Its own ignition point is 580 , and it will be self extinguished after leaving the fire. When burning, it will not produce toxic gases, and it will not promote the spread of the fire. In terms of light transmittance, the transparency of transparent PC polycarbonate hollow sheet can reach up to 89%, which is comparable to that of glass. If you don't want to have too high light transmittance, you can also use tan or milky white polycarbonate hollow sheet.

In addition to introducing the above characteristics of the sun plate, Foshan sun plate manufacturer Songxia building materials Xiaobian also tells you a point that is easy to ignore, that is, the sun room with curved dome uses the most materials and is also the most expensive, followed by the spire, the most economical is to do flat roof or inclined roof, and the drainage and sealing of flat roof and inclined roof sun room are also good, and the daylighting is also better. So flat roof and sloping roof of the sun room, is usually the most cost-effective.

The above is the polycarbonate hollow sheet manufacturers to the polycarbonate hollow sheet knowledge, hope to help to understand the polycarbonate hollow sheet friends. Songxia building materials has focused on the production and manufacturing of Polycarbonate sheet for 18 years. Songxia polycarbonate hollow sheet is made of German Bayer polycarbonate raw materials. Its light transmittance, impact resistance and service life are better than ordinary raw materials.


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