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How much is a 3mm Polycarbonate sheets

In recent days, many customers and friends have consulted Guangdong polycarbonate sheets manufacturers online - wheat grain building materials, ask "3mm Polycarbonate Sheet how much money a square" "Polycarbonate Sheet 3mm can bear weight?" "2mm Polycarbonate solid Sheet price how to "Other related issues, today's Polycarbonate solid Sheet manufacturers - wheat grain building materials for everyone to briefly introduce 3mm Polycarbonate Sheet how much money a square

First, Polycarbonate solid Sheet application

First of all, the Polycarbonate solid Sheet is mainly used in lighting booths and sunshades in commercial, factory and sports venues, agricultural greenhouses, aquaculture and flower greenhouses, telephone booths, newsstands, stations, etc., such a wide range of applications, mainly benefit from PC The Polycarbonate Sheet has the characteristics of light transmission, weather resistance, impact resistance, flame retardancy, temperature resistance, lightness and sound insulation;

Second, the difference between Polycarbonate solid Sheet and sunshine board

So, what is the difference between Polycarbonate solid Sheet and PC sun board? In fact, PC boards of two materials can be used to build canopies, parking sheds, and boards of the same thickness. The cost of Polycarbonate Sheets is higher than that of solar panels. The purchaser can choose the environment, needs and budget of the canopy shed. purchase. For example, if there is something falling on the top of the canopy, if there is no thing to fall, you can use the sun board to make a canopy. If something falls, you can use the Polycarbonate Sheet with strong impact resistance to make a canopy.

Since the sun plate is a hollow structure, the weight is light, and the raw materials used for production are also small, the endurance plate is solid, and the raw materials for production are more than the hollow plates. The price of natural sun panels is low and the price of Polycarbonate Sheets is high.

The Polycarbonate solid Sheet is solid, transparent like glass, the light transmittance can reach 90%, the impact resistance is good, the flaw is not bad, and the price is high. The solar panel is a hollow structure, and the light transmittance and impact resistance cannot be compared with the Polycarbonate Sheet, but the heat insulation effect is good and the price is low.

Third, 3mm Polycarbonate Sheet how much money a square

The price of general Polycarbonate solid Sheet is cyclical, mainly due to the price fluctuation of raw materials. For imported polycarbonate raw materials, such as Bayer, LG Chemical, Saudi Arabia, GM, etc. The price of the supplier will change, which directly affects the price of the Polycarbonate solid Sheet.

The price of 3mm Polycarbonate solid Sheet of imported raw materials generally fluctuates around 80 yuan/square meter. Of course, for some Polycarbonate Sheets with doped recycled materials, the price will be significantly lower than the market price. Therefore, consumers can directly contact the Polycarbonate solid Sheet manufacturer to obtain the real-time quote from the manufacturer when purchasing, which is more accurate.

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