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How to calculate the price of 3mm Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate Sheet is a very popular building material in the construction field, especially in the design and use of ceilings, such as carports, canopies, greenhouses, sun rooms, etc. Because of its outstanding performance and affordable price, it is very popular in the market. So, what is a Polycarbonate Sheet? What are the main uses of Polycarbonate Sheet? And how much is the price of a 3mm thick Polycarbonate Sheet?


First, what is Polycarbonate Sheet?

The main raw material of Polycarbonate Sheet is , also known as polycarbonate, which is an engineering plastic product with excellent performance. PC endurance sheet is also called polycarbonate sheet, polycarbonate solid sheet, PC solid sheet, PC bulletproof glass, etc.

The main advantage of Polycarbonate Sheet is high strength. Biyallic board and reinforced glass are hundreds of times higher. They are unbreakable and impact resistant, so they are used as bulletproof and anti-theft materials. The Polycarbonate Sheet is very lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to install.


The Polycarbonate Sheet is very plastic, not only can be made into a variety of flat styles, but also can be made into arches and semicircles. The colors are also very rich, protecting privacy while transmitting light.

The Polycarbonate Sheet also has good weather resistance, is not afraid of ultraviolet rays, and has strong anti-aging ability. It is also an excellent fireproof material.


Second, what are the main uses of Polycarbonate Sheet?

Do not use the Polycarbonate Sheet on the top of the building. It has good light transmission and impact resistance. It can provide indoor lighting without worrying about being broken by external force. It has better performance than reinforced glass.


Polycarbonate Sheets can be used in leisure corridors, building ceilings, curtain walls, motorcycle front windshields, aviation transparent containers, military police shields, vehicle windshields, telephone booths, billboards, exhibition stands, light boxes, instrumentation panels, Highway noise barriers, carports, breeding sheds, lighting sheds, etc.


It can be seen from the places where Polycarbonate Sheet is used that it is not only applied to architectural decoration engineering, but also has played a role in many industries such as vehicle and ship industry, advertising industry, military industry, electronics industry, air transportation industry and many other fields.


Third, how to calculate the price of 3mm Polycarbonate Sheets

The price of Polycarbonate Sheet is not calculated in square meters but in millimeters. Professionally, it is called thickness. One millimeter is one thickness. Generally, the price of a thickness ranges from 20-40 yuan, depending on the brand, quality, and channel of getting the goods. It is more favorable to get the goods directly from the manufacturer. For specific prices, consult the Polycarbonate Sheetmanufacturer.


Now on the market, the 3mm Polycarbonate Sheetis about 70 yuan per square meter, and the imported materials have a quality of ten years, and some have about 60 yuan, and the quality is slightly lower; the 4mm endurance board is 100-110, and the ten-year quality is about 90 yuan.


In addition, the calculation of the price of the endurance plate is based on the price of kilograms × gram weight × thickness; the duration of use varies according to the warranty period, and the general use period will be higher than the warranty period. The warranty is usually five years, seven years, eight years, and ten years. Time increases accordingly.


The above is what Songxia Building Materials has compiled for you about how to calculate the price of Polycarbonate Sheet3mm thickness, let you know about how much the Polycarbonate Sheet costs one square. In summary, the advantages and applications of Polycarbonate Sheet are It is very extensive, as its price is actually determined according to the local conditions.

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