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How to choose a canopy canopy? Is it better to use polycarbonate solid sheets or polycarbonate hollow sheet for carports?

Polycarbonate hollow sheet canopy awnings are loved by many consumers on the market because of their beautiful appearance, quiet UV protection, and durability. Recently, Guangdong board manufacturers have received a lot of inquiries from friends who want to know about the sun board car awning. The family plans to build a parking shed. I do not know how to choose a sun board car awning. Is it better to choose polycarbonate solid sheets or sunlight boards for home carports? Today, Foshan polycarbonate solid sheet manufacturer-wheat polycarbonate solid sheet compiled some tips for everyone to buy polycarbonate hollow sheet carport.


First of all, when you buy the polycarbonate hollow sheet carport canopy, you first start with the materials of the polycarbonate hollow sheet carport. The aluminum alloy framework and the polycarbonate solid sheet roof of the carport are made of imported new polycarbonate materials. The polycarbonate solid sheet carport has high safety, and the service life of the sun board carport canopy is longer.


Secondly, because the canopy of the polycarbonate hollow sheet carport is mainly an open-air carport, which needs to withstand sunlight and rain for a long time, when selecting the framework of the polycarbonate hollow sheet carport, you need to choose the material that has been rust-proofed. You can refer to these two types of rust-proof treatments. Process: powder coating process or electrophoresis process, strong oxidation resistance, not easy to rust, more beautiful.


Finally, the roof of the polycarbonate solid sheet carport must be coated with a UV-resistant UV coating, because the UV coating can prevent the yellowing and aging of the roof caused by ultraviolet rays, thereby extending the life of the roof.


The above is the view of Guangdong polycarbonate solid sheet manufacturers on how to choose a sunroof carport canopy. So, is it better to use an polycarbonate solid sheet or a polycarbonate hollow sheet for the carport? Which of the two polycarbonate solid sheet, polycarbonate solid sheet and sunlight board, is more suitable as a canopy?


Sun board canopy is made of  sun board as a canopy material, which has the characteristics of light weight, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame resistance, aging resistance, etc .;

The polycarbonate solid sheet canopy is made of  polycarbonate solid sheet as a ceiling material. Transparent polycarbonate solid sheet has the characteristics of light transmission, weather resistance, impact resistance, flame resistance, temperature resistance, portability, sound insulation and so on.


Both polycarbonate solid sheet can be used in commercial facilities, factories, stadiums, lighting canopies and sunshades, agricultural greenhouses, aquaculture and flower greenhouses, telephone booths, newsstands, stations and other public facilities, highway sound insulation, advertising decoration and other fields.


In comparison of the price of polycarbonate solid sheet and sunlight board,  polycarbonate solid sheet is solid, the production uses more raw materials than hollow board, transparent polycarbonate solid sheet is the same as glass, the light transmittance is comparable to glass, the impact resistance is better, and it is not bad , But the price of solar panels is higher. The solar panel is a hollow structure, lighter in weight, and less in raw materials for production. The light transmittance and impact resistance are inferior to the endurance panel, but the price is cheaper.


In fact, the two materials of the canopy sunlight board and polycarbonate solid sheet are suitable. The key point is that the customer should choose the most suitable  board for the canopy according to his actual situation.

The above are the small suggestions collected by Foshan polycarbonate solid sheet manufacturers about the choice of polycarbonate hollow sheet carport canopy, and the question of whether the carport should choose the polycarbonate hollow sheet or polycarbonate solid sheet. I hope it can help consumers who need to understand the polycarbonate hollow sheet carport canopy.

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