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Is polycarbonate sheets suitable for awning canopy?

Recently, China polycarbonate sheet manufacturers-grain building materials editor saw on the Internet that many friends are asking "whether polycarbonate sheet is durable or the particle board is durable and which material is good", "Why is polycarbonate sheet making lighting materials have sound" and "endurance" Is the rain canopy made of plates durable?" "How about the quality of Panasonic polycarbonate sheets" and other issues related to polycarbonate sheet materials, use and brands. Today, Foshan polycarbonate sheet manufacturers - wheat grain building materials for everyone to answer "polycarbonate sheet to do the canopy there is no sound" "polycarbonate sheet lighting effect how".

First of all, polycarbonate sheet manufacturer editor first speculates on the question of "why polycarbonate sheet will have lighting materials", which may be due to the following reasons:

1. When the polycarbonate solid sheet is locked, the distance between the screws is too far, so that the polycarbonate sheet is affected by the hot air and the thermal expansion and contraction, so that the frame sounds.

2. When the polycarbonate sheet is used as a tin window hood, it extends to the inner wall of the window too deep and is not locked, which will easily make it sound on the wall.

3, because the initial lock plate is not flattened but hard lock. This will cause the violent sound of the slap frame when the heat-resistant surface of the polycarbonate sheet is inflated and contracted.

4, large-scale lighting cover, if the two polycarbonate sheet joints degumming, it will also cause the wind and thermal expansion and contraction affect the beat frame sound.

5. The installed screws are loose or broken and cause a sound.

Secondly, the question of "polycarbonate sheet is durable or particle board durable which material is good" needs to be separated, depending on your usage scenario and budget. If used in places where high light transmission is required, the transparency of the PC particle board will not work. This involves the question of "how about the endurance effect of polycarbonate sheet." The transparent polycarbonate sheet can almost equal the glass in terms of light transmission. For example, Foshan polycarbonate sheet manufacturer-grain building materials adopt imported German Bayer polycarbonate raw materials. The transmittance of the produced polycarbonate sheet is generally about 88%.

There is also the problem that "polycarbonate sheet has no sound in the canopy". This is mainly to use the polycarbonate sheet to make a silent canopy. In fact, the polycarbonate sheet is not completely silent, but the raindrop is reduced by the arc design. The noise dropped on the canopy, plus the polycarbonate sheet has a good sound insulation effect (can be used on the road's noise barrier), so the polycarbonate sheet can make the noise can be very small.

Well, the above is the Foshan polycarbonate sheet manufacturer - wheat grain building materials editor for everyone to sort out "polycarbonate sheet durable or particle board durable which material is good", "why polycarbonate sheet to do lighting materials will have sound", "polycarbonate sheet to do The question of the durability of the canopy and the quality of the Panasonic polycarbonate sheet is hoped to help friends who need to understand the polycarbonate sheet.

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