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Polycarbonate Sheets manufacturers tell you the factors that affect the use of Hollow Polycarbonate

In recent years, Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets have become more and more popular among home decoration or engineering decoration consumers in the building materials market. This is mainly due to the high transmittance, thermal insulation, UV resistance, light weight and durability of Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets. Flame retardant weather resistance and other advantages. However, the Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets manufacturers now have different warranty times for the sun panels on the building materials market. Today, Foshan Polycarbonate Sheets Manufacturers - Songxia Building Materials editor will sort out some factors affecting the service life of PC sun panels.

First, the problem of aging and atomization of Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets

When the sun slab is used in an outdoor environment for a long time, it will age quickly due to the wind and the sun. This shows that the solar radiation will cause serious damage to the sun plate by promoting the appearance of the surface texture, further causing water, dust, chemical substances and the like to corrode the sun plate. How to reduce the aging problem of the sun board?

The above situation proves that the aging speed of the solar panel depends largely on environmental parameters, including geographical location, altitude, and time-of-day changes. In order to slow down the aging of the sun panels, it is necessary to carry out special UV protection treatment.

Under normal circumstances, there are two ways to make the Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets do this. One is that the Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets manufacturer adds a special masterbatch for the UV maintenance layer to the raw materials, and then forms a solar panel with ultraviolet resistance by extrusion process; The other is that PC solar panel manufacturers add a layer of anti-UV coating on the surface layer of the sun-cured board to achieve anti-ultraviolet effect.

Either way, in addition to the high-quality UV-resistant film and imported polycarbonate, the control of the curing degree of Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets is also very important. Because the curing degree of Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets is improved, its hardness and mechanical strength. It will also be very high and relatively brittle. Some PC solar panel manufacturers have added plasticizers to increase the durability of PC sheets, but it will not only affect the strength of the solar panels, but also make its aging resistance and lifespan greatly compromised. Premature aging can not withstand the effects of environmental conditions.

Therefore, when choosing a sun panel for outdoor use, be sure to open your eyes and choose a sun panel with good quality and good performance. Also pay attention to the direction of the sun-proof inner layer when installing and using. And to avoid contact with various acid and alkali substances.

Second, the factors affecting the life of Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets

In addition to the influence of the above solar panel raw materials on the life of the solar panel, what other factors affecting the quality of the solar panel? The templating template temperature is the main reason for its quality. Why do you say that? Because pc sun board manufacturers in the design process, the most difficult is not to maintain the proper temperature of the holder, mainly to keep the temperature of each part of it uniform. So it will be difficult.


Uneven distribution of the mold temperature will cause uneven shrinkage of the pc sheet, resulting in deformation and warpage. In the manufacturing process of the sun board manufacturer, the mold temperature can be appropriately increased to achieve balance, and the effect can be obtained:

1. Adding crystallinity of the molded product and a relatively uniform structure;

2. The molding shrinkage is sufficient, and the shrinkage is reduced;

3. Improve the strength and heat resistance of the molded product;

4. Reduce residual internal stress, molecular alignment and deformation;

5. Reduce the flow yin resistance during filling and reduce the pressure loss;

6. Make the appearance of the molded product more lustrous and good;

7. Increase the chance of burrs on molded articles;

8. Increase the cooling time.

Like the Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets manufacturer of Foshan PC - the Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets produced by Songxia Building Materials, the new imported Bayer polycarbonate raw material, without the old raw materials or recycled materials, the transmittance, flame retardancy and impact resistance of Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets The performance is better than the domestic polycarbonate raw material sun board. For more PC sunshine panels, please visit the official website of Songxia Building Materials Factory

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