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Polycarbonate sheet manufacturers tell you the difference between PVC sheet and polycarbonate sheet

Since 2021, the price of engineering plastics raw materials has been rising. Recently, many peoples have consulted the polycarbonate sheet manufacturer Songxia building materials Editor about the price of polycarbonate sheet and the difference between POLYCARBONATE sheet and PVC sheet, such as "what material is PVC" and "what material is PVC toxic?"“ What is the material of POLYCARBONATE SHEET? What is the material of POLYCARBONATE SHEET? Is it resistant to high temperature? Today, Songxia polycarbonate sheet manufacturer Editor will sort out the difference between POLYCARBONATE SHEET and PVC for you.


1 What material is PVC

PVC sheet, also known as PVC sheet, is a polymer obtained by polymerization with vinyl chloride as monomer. PVC resin has the advantages of good chemical stability, high mechanical properties, good electrical insulation, flame retardant and self extinguishing, low price and so on. However, it also has the disadvantages of poor thermal stability, low service temperature, large brittleness of hard products, poor cold resistance, and easy aging under the action of light and heat.


In view of the shortage of PVC plate, now engineering plastic manufacturers mostly take stabilizing PVC material as the research and development direction, such as adjusting and controlling polymerization reaction conditions, improving process and additives that can play a stabilizing role to inhibit and slow down degradation.


2 What is the POLYCARBONATE SHEET material

POLYCARBONATE sheet, also known as polycarbonate solid sheet, is also the abbreviation of POLYCARBONATE SHEET polycarbonate sheet. It is mainly pressed with polycarbonate particles as raw materials. It has the characteristics of good daylighting, strong impact resistance, flame retardant and fire prevention, sound and noise reduction, ultraviolet protection and so on. After the anti fogging process, the goggle anti fogging POLYCARBONATE sheet is made. The polycarbonate sheet plate is pressed into a wave shape, i.e. POLYCARBONATE SHEET wave tile. It is pressed into a circular arch or concave shape to make a POLYCARBONATE SHEET light collecting cover. The smooth surface plus sanding process is made into a POLYCARBONATE SHEET sanding plate, and the surface particle plate-shaped polycarbonate sheet plate, i.e. POLYCARBONATE SHEET particle plate.


POLYCARBONATE SHEET polycarbonate sheet material also has shortcomings, that is, its wear resistance and acid and alkali corrosion resistance are weak, and the polycarbonate sheet is not suitable for strong acid and alkali environment.


3 Difference between POLYCARBONATE sheet and PVC sheet

Through the above introduction of "what is the material of PVC" and "what is the material of POLYCARBONATE SHEET", the main difference between POLYCARBONATE sheet and PVC sheet is that the base materials of the two plastic sheets are different. The density of POLYCARBONATE sheet is less than PVC sheet, the continuous application temperature is higher than PVC sheet, and the light transmission function is better than PVC sheet; The primary material of POLYCARBONATE sheet is polycarbonate, while PVC material is PVC, so the characteristics are different, and both PVC and POLYCARBONATE sheet can completely resist ultraviolet rays. PVC sheet has strong corrosion resistance, while POLYCARBONATE sheet has strong impact resistance.


The above is about "what is the material of PVC", "what is the material of POLYCARBONATE SHEET" and "the difference between POLYCARBONATE sheet and PVC sheet". If you want to know more about POLYCARBONATE SHEET polycarbonate sheet or other POLYCARBONATE sheet products, please visit Songxia building materials website https://www.polycarbonatesheet.com

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