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Polycarbonate sheet manufacturers tell you the disadvantages of polycarbonate sheet and installation precautions

With the wide application of polycarbonate sheet in greenhouses, pedestrian bridge canopy shelters,hollow polycarbonate sheet car canopy canopies, window sill balcony canopies, etc., polycarbonate sheet have high light transmittance, UV resistance, flame resistance and smash resistance. Features are also known to more and more consumers. So, are there no disadvantages to polycarbonate sheet? Guangdong polycarbonate sheet manufacturer-Foshan songxia building materials editor has compiled for everyone about the polycarbonate sheet disadvantages and polycarbonate sheet installation precautions.


First, the disadvantages of polycarbonate sheet

The main component of polycarbonate sheet is polycarbonate, and its characteristic is that it is not resistant to strong acids and bases. Therefore, from the perspective of the polycarbonate sheet life, polycarbonate sheet needs to be kept away from the wet cement surface, acid, and alkaline substances, and it must also be prohibited from organic solvents such as benzene, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride, and turpentine. Adhesives containing such ingredients come in contact with paint.


Installation precautions for polycarbonate sheet

The polycarbonate roof sheet is a very easy to bend board. It can be processed into PC products using the secondary processing effect. The installation of the polycarbonate sheet is simple, but there are some precautions that must be observed, otherwise it will affect the use of the polycarbonate sheet:


1. When installing polycarbonate sheet, the construction organizer must understand the text descriptions and precautions printed on the protective film, and explain to the operator, in particular, pay attention to which standard is facing outwards, and must not be mistakenly installed. When installing the polycarbonate sheet, the maintenance film on the edge surface of the PC board should be lifted about 250px first, so that the neutral sealant and the PC board can be bonded to achieve a better waterproof effect.


2. In order to prevent thermal expansion and contraction of the polycarbonate plate, an expansion space should be reserved between the two plates when the endurance plate is installed, and a suitable expansion coefficient of the endurance plate should be designed according to the local temperature.


3. When installing the polycarbonate sheet, make holes in the board in advance, do not punch directly, otherwise it will damage the board and affect the use of the polycarbonate sheet.


4. Don't overtighten when installing the screws. Overtightening will cause cracking of the polycarbonate sheet and will also affect the effectiveness of waterproofing.

5, when installing the PC board, add waterproof pads and beading.

6. After installing the polycarbonate sheet, tear off the protective film on the surface. If you want to use the polycarbonate sheet for a longer time, you can cover it with a protective film.


The above is the editor of polycarbonate sheet Manufacturer-Foshan songxia Building Materials Effective Company, regarding the shortcomings of polycarbonate sheet and the matters needing attention during the installation of polycarbonate sheets. Only by fully understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the polycarbonate sheet, as well as the proper installation and use of polycarbonate sheet, can the long life of the polycarbonate sheet and the excellent impact resistance performance be exerted.

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