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Polycarbonate sheet manufacturer丨 what material is polycarbonate sheet

With the rising prices of various chemical raw materials this year, the price per square meter of polycarbonate sheet began to rise with the rise of polycarbonate raw material price. Many potential polycarbonate sheet consumers said that what is the material of polycarbonate sheet? What is polycarbonate sheet? What material is polycarbonate? Is polycarbonate plastic? About polycarbonate and polycarbonate sheet. Today, Foshan polycarbonate sheet manufacturer Songxia building materials Editor will sort out some knowledge about polycarbonate materials for you.


What material is polycarbonate

Polycarbonate (PC) is an important thermoplastic engineering plastic developed at the end of the 20th century. Its output is second only to pa. it has balanced mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, especially the impact strength, which is difficult for general thermoplastic plastics. Moreover, polycarbonate is easy to form and process. Various polycarbonate plate products can be made by injection molding, extrusion and other methods.


Synthesis of polycarbonate raw materials

Phosgene method and transesterification method are the main methods for industrial production of bisphenol a polycarbonate solid sheet, and phosgene method is the main method. The main monomer is bisphenol A. in addition, two monomers are used according to different polymerization methods: phosgene and diphenyl carbonate.



Phosgene method is divided into interfacial polycondensation and solution polycondensation. Interfacial polycondensation is to pass phosgene into a reaction kettle with a certain proportion of bisphenol A, sodium hydroxide solution, catalyst, relative molecular weight regulator and solution agent under normal temperature and pressure for phosgene polycondensation reaction.


2. Transesterification

Transesterification is the melt polycondensation of bisphenol A and diphenyl carbonate under the conditions of high temperature and high vacuum in the presence of alkaline catalyst. The process flow is simple, no solution is used during polymerization, and the product does not need post-treatment. The product can be directly extruded and granulated to obtain the product. However, due to the high viscosity of reaction materials, it is difficult to prepare PC resin with high relative molecular weight regardless of mixing and heat dissipation, At the same time, the reaction needs to be carried out under the conditions of high temperature and high vacuum, so the equipment requirements are high.


The above is about what polycarbonate is and the synthesis of polycarbonate compiled by Foshan Songxia building materials Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of polycarbonate sheet in Guangdong. If you want to know more about polycarbonate or polycarbonate sheet, please visit the website of Songxia polycarbonate sheet manufacturer.

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