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The effect of indoor partition with polycarbonate sheet is safe, reliable and beautiful

In the company's office, partitions will be set up according to the management office, conference room, etc. to form an independent space, so as not to be affected by other factors, and work in peace or have a meeting. General partitions will use glass, wood and other materials, but the wood is heavy and visually reduces the overall openness. Although glass can solve the second problem, it has poor heat insulation performance. It's hot, and privacy is also an issue.


In response to such a problem, people in the industry have proposed new materials using polycarbonate sheet as interior partitions, which has brought a completely new scene.


  • Privacy protection

Apart from separating the office area, the independent space must be kept undisturbed. polycarbonate sheet  has good light transmittance. Products suitable for indoor partition have a light transmittance of 79-80%. Sufficient light transmittance can let people see if anyone is using or working in the office, so as not to disturb. At the same time of high light transmission, the special structure of the polycarbonate sheet  also makes the inside scene blurred, ensuring that the content of the meeting will not be leaked and privacy is guaranteed.


  • Crash-resistant and fire-resistant

As a place with a lot of people, the office undoubtedly needs to be secure. polycarbonate sheet  has super high impact resistance, 250 times that of equivalent glass, 30 times that of plexiglass, and 2-20 times that of tempered glass. It is known as "unbreakable glass", which can effectively prevent impact and ensure safety. In addition, according to the national standard GB50222-95, it is confirmed that the PC board is a non-combustible Class I, that is, Class B1. The PC board's own ignition point is 580℃, and it will self-extinguish after leaving the fire. It will not generate toxic gases during combustion and will not promote the spread of fire. Such materials are undoubtedly a guarantee of office safety.


  • Thermal insulation

Offices generally need to turn on air-conditioning / heating for a long time, which consumes a lot of energy. The PC solar panel has a low heat transfer coefficient (K value) of only 1.1-4.1W / m2℃, and its heat insulation performance is 7-25% higher than glass of the same thickness, and the heat insulation performance can reach 49%. A lower heat transfer coefficient can reduce the heat transfer in different spaces, and it will not be too high in conference rooms that are not often used. It can also save the energy consumed by air conditioning / heating, achieving comfort and energy saving effects.


  • Noise barrier

Whether it is a conference room or a large office area, there are frequent discussions, so the voice will be very loud, affecting people who are working at ease. The polycarbonate sheet  has a good sound insulation effect, which can reduce the noise impact of 16-21db, and become a sound insulation barrier to separate the space for more secure office work.

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