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The notice of purchase polycarbonate hollow sheet

In recent years, the frequency of polycarbonate hollow sheets has been increasing in everyone's life. Why is the market usage of polycarbonate hollow sheets growing? Guangdong polycarbonate hollow sheet Manufacturers - Songxia Building Materials editor believes that the high transparency, high strength, thermal insulation and flame retardant environmental protection advantages of polycarbonate hollow sheet make consumers eager for the new building decoration materials such as polycarbonate hollow sheet. So, for most consumers who are not familiar with Sunshine, what are the advantages of polycarbonate hollow sheet and how to buy polycarbonate hollow sheet? Today, polycarbonate hollow sheet Manufacturers - Songxia Building Materials will summarize the precautions you need to know when purchasing PC polycarbonate hollow sheets.

First, what are the characteristics of PC polycarbonate hollow sheet?

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the polycarbonate hollow sheet has good light-harvesting, strong impact resistance, thermal insulation and so on. The polycarbonate hollow sheet produced by Guangdong polycarbonate hollow sheet Manufacturer-Songxia Building Materials is coated with UV-resistant UV coating. Anti-condensation treatment can be done according to customer's requirements. This polycarbonate hollow sheet is integrated with anti-ultraviolet, heat-insulating and anti-drip functions. It is widely used in greenhouses, greenhouses, flowers and vegetables for sunlight.

In addition, the polycarbonate hollow sheet has good heat insulation efficiency, mainly due to the hollow rectangular or honeycomb structure of the polycarbonate hollow sheet with anti-ultraviolet protective layer, which can effectively reduce heat dissipation, so it has a certain heat preservation effect at night, so it is very suitable for use. Greenhouse projects that require insulation.

Second, polycarbonate hollow sheet selection single layer or multiple layers

After understanding the characteristics of the polycarbonate hollow sheet, how do you choose the number of layers of the sun board? In theory, the thicker the thickness of the polycarbonate hollow sheet, the more layers, the better the insulation function. Generally, the multi-layer sun board has many layers of sunlight board, in addition to the usual anti-ultraviolet and anti-drip characteristics of the sun board, the sound insulation effect, heat preservation, coolness and impact resistance are also better, and the force that can be carried is also more. Big.

Is it because consumers buy thick PC sheets when they buy polycarbonate hollow sheets? The answer is obviously not necessarily. The general polycarbonate hollow sheet manufacturer's suggestion is to choose the right one, not necessarily the thicker the better, mainly because the polycarbonate hollow sheet will increase the light transmittance of the sun board as the number of layers increases, the price of the sun board purchase It also increases, and for a curved solar panel building, the number of layers needs more force to bend, and more importantly, the choice of thick sun panels is not economically cost-effective.

Third, how to buy the polycarbonate hollow sheet correctly

In fact, consumers who are unfamiliar with the sun board can roughly judge the quality of the polycarbonate hollow sheet from the length of the polycarbonate hollow sheet warranty provided by the polycarbonate hollow sheet manufacturer. The service life of the sun board is only related to the material and processing technology of the board. Generally, the Songxia polycarbonate hollow sheet has a warranty of 5 years (domestic polycarbonate raw material) and a 10 year warranty (Germany Bayer polycarbonate raw material) sun board.

Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention when purchasing. It is not the harder the sun plate is, the better it is. It is also necessary to observe whether the surface of the sun plate is flat, whether there are bubbles or particles. If the particles and bubbles are larger, the raw materials of the sun plate are better. Poor, it is a low-grade sun plate. If the sun plate has less bubbles, it may be a better polycarbonate material.

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