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The advantage&price of polycarbonate solid sheet

As we all know, there are more plates available for people to choose from on the market. But in recent years we can often see the Solid Polycarbonate Sheet in the building decoration. Because the plate is resistant to impact, hard, anti-theft and bulletproof. Therefore, it will win people's love. So, how much is the square of the Solid Polycarbonate Sheet? What are the advantages of the Solid Polycarbonate Sheet?


1. How much is the Solid Polycarbonate Sheet?

It is understood that the calculation method of Solid Polycarbonate Sheet is different in different places, some places are calculated according to area, and some are calculated by weight. However, there are many brands of Solid Polycarbonate Sheet on the market. The prices of different brands are uneven, and there are different materials and colors, which also affect the price of the plates. Here are the prices of several brand Solid Polycarbonate Sheet that have been compiled in small series. Let’s take a look:

a, Yuemei Solid Polycarbonate Sheet, the price: 110-120 yuan / square meter;

b, Jie Nai  Solid Polycarbonate Sheet, the price: 80-105 yuan / square meter;

c, Songxia Solid Polycarbonate Sheet, the price: 60-65 yuan / square meter;

d, Super Asia  Solid Polycarbonate Sheet, the price: 60-75 yuan / square meter;

e, Banghua Solid Polycarbonate Sheet, the price: about 70-95 yuan / square meter.

Of course, these prices are for your reference only. As for the Solid Polycarbonate Sheet, how much is a square? The specific Solid Polycarbonate Sheet price is subject to the price you actually buy, or you can go to the local store to understand.

What are the advantages of Solid Polycarbonate Sheet?

First of all, the weight of the plate is light, and it can be said that only half of the glass is heavy. Therefore, it is easy to transport, handle and install, and the price is also much lower than other plates.

Secondly, the Solid Polycarbonate Sheet has good light transmission. In the sun under the sun, there will be no yellowing, and the light transmittance can reach 89%, which is unmatched by many materials.

Then, the Solid Polycarbonate Sheet is also protected against UV rays. It blocks the passage of UV rays, so it is ideal for protecting valuable art and exhibits from UV rays.

Finally, the Solid Polycarbonate Sheet also has many advantages such as sound insulation, flame retardant, anti-condensation, bendability, easy processing, energy saving and environmental protection. Therefore, it will be widely used in home decoration.

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