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What are the differences between acrylic sheet and Polycarbonate solid sheet

Perhaps many friends will mistakenly think that Polycarbonate solid sheet  and acrylic sheet are the same thing, but in fact, from their physical properties, acrylic and endurance sheet are two different products, which are reflected in what aspects after all? Follow the Songxia endurance sheet manufacturer to have a look.


In terms of materials, there are obvious differences. The material of Polycarbonate solid sheet  is polycarbonate, while the material of acrylic sheet is polyacrylate.


Polycarbonate is a kind of fire-resistant material, which can extinguish itself when it is off the fire, while polyacrylate is very good. It's a good way to distinguish it;


In terms of performance, acrylic plate is relatively brittle, indicating that its resistance to impact is relatively limited; One of the advantages of endurance sheet is its high resistance, so it can distinguish acrylic and endurance sheet only by smashing it hard;


Secondly, it can also be distinguished from the light transmittance of the appearance. Generally, the light transmittance of the endurance sheet made of brand-new materials is very high and looks more transparent; And acrylic is a little gray;


Another is that acrylic plates are easy to age and have limited service life, but endurance plates are more durable.


The product features of Polycarbonate sheet  include the following two aspects:

(1) Like glass.

We often install acrylic sheets and Polycarbonate solid sheet s in order to achieve a transparent situation. For example, the greenhouse of flowers or the sunshine room of our own home must be able to clearly see the outside from the inside. If acrylic sheets are used, the overall permeability may be only about 60%, When you look outdoors, it's like a person with 400 degree myopia, with low visibility. However, if the Polycarbonate solid sheet  is installed, up to 89% of the permeability can let us have a panoramic view of more than 10 meters outside.


(2) Stronger impact resistance.

Whether it is man-made damage or some accidental collision, if the raw materials we use are not strong, it will be damaged. If it is built around the road, such a problem will become more and more serious, and the anti-collision ability of Polycarbonate solid sheet  will be more than 30 times stronger than that of ordinary acrylic sheet, which truly achieves the high-strength impact resistance and ensures the requirements of long-term application.


PC belongs to environment-friendly plastics, and some physical properties of acrylic plate can not be reached, so the application of acrylic plate has been eliminated in some foreign fields. Although China is a large country producing acrylic plate, it produces few high value-added acrylic plates and depends on export. PC sheet is widely used. It is now used in lighting roofs of industrial, commercial and civil buildings, sound insulation walls of roads, advertising and decoration industries of agricultural greenhouses, etc

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