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What is a polycarbonate sheet and the use of polycarbonate sheet

Polycarbonate is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent performance. It is one of the five engineering plastics, which combines many excellent characteristics such as transparency, durability, non-breaking, heat resistance and flame retardancy. Due to the special structure of polycarbonate, it has become the fastest growing general engineering plastic among the five engineering plastics. At present, the global production capacity exceeds 5 million tons.


Polycarbonate sheet is widely used, and can be processed by injection molding, extrusion, etc. The products are various and the applications are not the same. Let's take a closer look at the current 8 mainstream applications of Polycarbonate sheets:

First, the car parts

Polycarbonate sheets are widely used in the automotive industry due to their transparency, impact resistance and good dimensional stability. Such as: car sunroof, car lights, etc. With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the proportion of Polycarbonate sheets in the automotive industry will gradually increase. For example: car sunroof, car front lights, car charging pile shells, car dashsheet buttons, etc.


Second, building materials

Polycarbonate sheet has excellent dimensional stability, impact resistance, heat preservation and transparency, and aging resistance. It has been used in large buildings in recent years, such as: Brazil Pantnall Stadium, Brazil Pantenal Stadium , Dublin, Ireland, Aviv Stadium. At present, there are not many buildings of domestic Polycarbonate sheets, such as: Tianjin West Railway Station, Guangzhou Gymnasium and other buildings. It is predicted that in the future, this kind of Polycarbonate sheet will be more and more as a roof building, and the proportion of buildings will be Will also increase.


Third, electronic appliances

Polycarbonate solid sheet has good impact resistance, electrical insulation, easy dyeing, etc. It is used in the field of electronic appliances. Commonly used are: mobile phone case, notebook case, charger case. It is expected that in the future, the proportion of applications in this area will not fluctuate. Such as wireless charger, mobile phone camera, laptop battery cover and so on.


Fourth, medical equipment

Polycarbonate sheet has good impact resistance and high strength, and is often used in medical equipment casings. Because of its high transparency, it is convenient for doctors to observe and not easy to break, and it is applied to oxygenator, endoscope and other instruments. It is expected that in the future, the proportion of applications in this area should increase. Such as oxygenators, portable medical syringe pumps, sphygmomanometer housings, hemodialyzer housings, arthroscopic cannula, dropper clips and blood filters.


Five, LED lighting

After the special modification of the Polycarbonate sheet, the light diffusion ability will be greatly improved, and the application in the LED field can save energy. In the future development, the main focus is on energy conservation. Since the application of Polycarbonate sheets to LEDs can save the source of LED lighting envelopes, the proportion of this aspect should gradually increase in the future development. Such as LED housing, LED lighting heat release sheet, etc.


Sixth, security protection

Goggles made of non-PC materials may cause disturbance to the human visual color, causing the protected person to be unclear in color under certain special circumstances. It is necessary to remove the protective equipment, which may cause accidents, and Polycarbonate The sheet has high transparency, good impact resistance and non-breaking characteristics, and can be applied to safety protection fields such as welding goggles and fire helmet windows. It is expected that in the future, the proportion of applications in this area will not fluctuate much, such as welding goggles, fire helmet windows and so on.

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