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What material is polycarbonate sheet and is it acrylic

Recently, Maili building materials, a manufacturer of Foshan Polycarbonate sheet, has received many questions from friends, such as "what is the material of polycarbonate sheet", "what is the material of Polycarbonate sheet", "the difference between polycarbonate sheet and sunshine board", "is polycarbonate sheet acrylic?" and so on. Today, the manufacturer of polycarbonate sheet, wheat grain polycarbonate sheet, will sort out the knowledge about what material is polycarbonate sheet, whether polycarbonate sheet is acrylic, and what is the difference between polycarbonate sheet and sunshine board.

What material is polycarbonate sheet

The chemical name of polycarbonate sheet is polycarbonate sheet, also known as cabron board. It is a kind of engineering plastic board made of polycarbonate particles. It has good light transmittance, good impact resistance and good UV shielding effect after adding UV coating on the surface of polycarbonate sheet. The weight of polycarbonate sheet is half lighter than that of glass with the same thickness, The PC board also has the functions of heat insulation, flame retardant and sound insulation.

Is polycarbonate sheet acrylic

First of all, the conclusion is that acrylic and polycarbonate sheet are two completely different products.

The difference between acrylic and polycarbonate sheet is mainly reflected in the different raw materials. Polycarbonate sheet is made of polycarbonate, while acrylic is made of polyacrylate.

Secondly, the performance of polycarbonate sheet and acrylic is also different. Acrylic is brittle and easy to break, while Polycarbonate sheet has strong impact resistance. The 10 mm thick Polycarbonate sheet can be used as shield and bulletproof glass.

Another difference is that the light transmittance of acrylic and polycarbonate sheet is different. The light transmittance of transparent polycarbonate sheet is almost the same as that of glass, which can reach about 88%. However, the light transmittance of acrylic is poor, which makes it look a little white.

The difference between polycarbonate sheet and sunshine sheet

Before talking about the difference between the sunlight board and the polycarbonate sheet, we can first take a look at the common ground between the polycarbonate sheet and the sunlight board, that is, the polycarbonate sheet and the sunlight board are both polycarbonate sheets, which are products with different structures of the same material. The structure of the sunlight board is hollow, including rectangular sunlight board, honeycomb sunlight board, four layer sunlight board, etc., so the sunlight board is also called polycarbonate hollow board, The structure of polycarbonate sheet is solid, which is a solid polycarbonate sheet.

Well, the above is the Foshan Polycarbonate sheet manufacturers - wheat building materials for polycarbonate sheet is what material, polycarbonate sheet is acrylic, polycarbonate sheet and sunshine board difference knowledge, hope to help you want to know about polycarbonate sheet friends, want to know more Polycarbonate hollow sheet, Polycarbonate sheet, daylighting tile polycarbonate products, you can log in wheat building materials website.


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