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What material is polycarbonate sheet? The difference between polycarbonate sheet and acrylic

Polycarbonate sheet, also known as PC solid sheet, polycarbonate solid sheet, is made of polycarbonate as raw material. Polycarbonate is an engineering plastic that integrates a variety of excellent properties. It has been developed for more than 60 years and has been widely used in various fields of daily life. More and more people feel the Polycarbonate sheet. The convenience and comfort brought to us. So, what material is Polycarbonate sheet and what are the common uses of Polycarbonate sheet? Today, Foshan Polycarbonate sheet manufacturer-Songxia Building Materials has compiled some knowledge about Polycarbonate sheet materials and application fields for everyone.


What material is the Polycarbonate sheet

Many people asked "what is the material of the Polycarbonate sheet", "what is the Polycarbonate sheet", "what is the transparent Polycarbonate sheet" and other related questions about the raw materials of the Polycarbonate sheet. In fact, the Polycarbonate sheet is made of polycarbonate as raw material, and polycarbonate is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic with relatively good performance. It combines transparency, durability, resistance to breakage, heat resistance, flame retardancy and many other characteristics. It is one of the five major engineering plastics. Due to the structural particularity of polycarbonate, it has become a general engineering plastic with a relatively fast growth rate among the five major engineering plastics.



Industry field of Polycarbonate sheet

1. Auto parts

Polycarbonate sheet has the advantages of transparency, good impact resistance and good dimensional stability, and is widely used in the automotive industry. For example: car sunroof, car headlight, car charging pile shell, car dashboard button, etc.


2. Building materials

Polycarbonate sheet has good dimensional stability, impact resistance, heat preservation, transparency, and aging resistance. In recent years, it has been continuously used in large buildings, such as: Brazil Pantenal Stadium, Brazil Pantenal Stadium , Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland.


Three, electronic appliances

Polycarbonate sheet has the characteristics of good impact resistance, electrical insulation, fire resistance, etc., and is used in the field of electronics and electrical appliances. The common ones are: mobile phone shells, notebook shells, and charger shells.


Four, medical equipment

Polycarbonate sheet has the characteristics of good impact resistance and high strength, and is often used in medical equipment shells. Because of its high transparency, easy observation by doctors, and resistance to fragility, it is used in oxygenators, endoscopes and other instruments.


Five, LED lighting

After the Polycarbonate sheet is specially modified, the light diffusion ability will be greatly improved, and the application in the LED field can save energy. Such as LED housing, outdoor advertising light box, door head luminous characters, LED lighting heat radiation board, etc.


Six, safety protection

The Polycarbonate sheet has high transparency, good impact resistance, and is not fragile. It can be used in safety protection fields such as welding goggles, fire helmet windows and so on. It is expected that in the future, it can also be used in places like welding goggles and fire helmet windows.



The difference between Polycarbonate solid sheet and acrylic

Difference 1: Different raw materials

Acrylic and endurance sheets are processed from two different raw materials. The raw material of endurance sheets is polycarbonate, and the raw material of acrylic sheets is polyacrylate.


Difference 2: The difference in performance


There is a significant difference between the performance of acrylic and Polycarbonate sheet, that is, the impact resistance strength of the two is different. Acrylic is relatively brittle, indicating that its resistance to impact is relatively limited, while the Polycarbonate sheet has high resistance to impact, which is more than tens of times the strength that acrylic can withstand.



Difference 3: The difference in service life

Although both Polycarbonate sheet and acrylic have aging, this is determined by the characteristics of engineering plastics. However, the aging speed of acrylic is faster than the Polycarbonate sheet. For example, the Polycarbonate sheet made of imported materials from Bayer in Germany can be used for more than 10 years.


The above is the Foshan Polycarbonate sheet manufacturer-Songxia building materials editor about what is the Polycarbonate sheet material, the use of Polycarbonate sheet industry and the difference between Polycarbonate sheet and acrylic board, I hope it can help those who want to understand the material of Polycarbonate sheet.



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