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Which is more expensive polycarbonate sheet or glass

With the continuous expansion of the application of PC endurance panels in the decoration projects of stadium roofs, greenhouse vegetable greenhouses, bus station shelters, etc., nowadays, endurance panels are more and more widely used in ordinary home decoration, such as home decoration In the ceiling lighting, screen partitions, canopy carports and other places have begun to use PC endurance panels. So, can Polycarbonate sheet be used as glass? Which polycarbonate sheet or glass is durable? Which is more expensive, Polycarbonate sheet or glass? What are the price differences and advantages and disadvantages of polycarbonate sheet and glass? Today, Foshan Songxia Polycarbonate sheet manufacturer Xiaobian collected some relevant information for all of you, hoping to help everyone.


1. The advantages and disadvantages of polycarbonate sheet and glass


Before answering some friends’ questions about "Can polycarbonate sheet be used as glass?", we must first understand the advantages and disadvantages of polycarbonate sheet and glass.


1. The advantages and disadvantages of glass


As a building material that is frequently used in traditional home decoration, glass is mainly composed of silica and other oxides. In home decoration, the advantages of ordinary glass are mainly reflected in its good permeability, which is mostly used for light and wind, and can also have a certain sound insulation effect. The main disadvantages reflected in the use process are poor toughness, fragile and broken It is easy to hurt people and has poor heat resistance.


2. The advantages and disadvantages of Polycarbonate sheet


Polycarbonate sheet, equivalent to ordinary glass, is a new type of home decoration building material, and its main component is polycarbonate raw material. The main feature of Polycarbonate sheet is that it has good light transmission, almost comparable to glass, and strong impact resistance. It can be used to make bulletproof glass, explosion-proof shields and other impact-resistant protection products. In addition, the heat and sound insulation effect is also excellent. It is widely used in road noise barriers, stadium roofs, fruit and vegetable greenhouses, etc. However, the Polycarbonate sheet also has a more obvious disadvantage, that is, the Polycarbonate sheet cannot be in contact with strong acids or strong alkaline substances, otherwise, it is easy to accelerate aging or even damage due to contact with strong corrosive substances.



2. Can the polycarbonate sheet be used as glass?


From the advantages and disadvantages of the polycarbonate sheet and glass introduced above, we can know that in terms of light transmission, the light transmittance of the transparent Polycarbonate sheet can reach about 89%. Therefore, in terms of light transmission and windshield, the transparent polycarbonate sheet is almost the same as glass. There is not much difference. In addition, the sound insulation and noise reduction performance of the polycarbonate sheet is also better than that of ordinary glass. The Polycarbonate sheet also has good toughness and impact resistance, which completely compensates for the shortcomings of glass fragile and easy to hurt by the slag. Therefore, as long as it is not in a strong acid and alkali environment, the polycarbonate sheet can be used as glass.


Third, which is more expensive, polycarbonate sheet or glass


After understanding the advantages and disadvantages of polycarbonate sheet and glass, and the question of whether polycarbonate sheet can be used as glass, then, which is more expensive, Polycarbonate sheet or glass?


In fact, compared to the Polycarbonate sheet of the same thickness with glass, the polycarbonate sheet is more expensive. Under normal circumstances, the price of polycarbonate sheet is mainly adjusted by polycarbonate sheet manufacturers according to the price fluctuations of polycarbonate raw materials. There is also an influencing factor, that is, the manufacturers of polycarbonate raw materials, such as the prices of domestic and imported raw materials. The difference. In addition, the manufacturer’s warranty time for polycarbonate sheets produced with domestic raw materials is generally shorter than that of imported polycarbonate materials. For polycarbonate sheets produced from imported raw materials, Songxia Polycarbonate sheet manufacturers provide a 10-year warranty, and the actual service life can be 15 years or more, mainly depends on the installation process and use environment.


The above are the questions about "Polycarbonate sheet and glass", "Pros and cons of Polycarbonate sheet and glass", and "Can polycarbonate sheet be used as glass?"

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