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balcony rain awning,choose polycarbonate hollow sheet or glass canopy

With greenhouses, carport canopies, window sill canopies and other common places of life, the use of canopies began to build. Many friends began to have some entangled choices about the material of the canopy. I don’t know if my silent canopy or greenhouse will choose the sun panel or the glass structure. Today, the grain building materials are compiled for everyone to choose how to choose the silent canopy. material?

Sunlight canopy silent canopy Polycarbonate sheet canopy


First, what is the polycarbonate hollow sheet canopy

Sunlight canopy is mainly composed of sun panels and aluminum alloy frame as the material of the canopy, and the raw material of the sun plate is polycarbonate (referred to as PC). Its main features are strong light transmission, high strength, light weight and good sound insulation. It has strong flame retardant, good temperature resistance, long service life and anti-ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, it is widely used in rain awnings, carports, waiting sheds and other lighting shelters, highways and urban elevated road noise barriers, modern ecological greenhouses and other places.


Second, the polycarbonate hollow sheet is the advantage of the rain canopy

1. The polycarbonate hollow sheet has good lighting performance:

The general requirements of the canopy usually use a solar panel with a thickness of between 1.5mm and 3mm, and the light transmittance is as high as 89% or more, and has a relatively high light transmission performance. And the surface of the sun slab is coextruded with a UV anti-UV coating, so it also has UV resistance. The traditional plastic film canopy is mostly opaque, not to mention the light transmittance of 89%.


2. The polycarbonate hollow sheet has a long service life:

Sunshine board adopts the new imported German Bayer material as raw material, with ten years of quality assurance, and the actual normal service life is up to 15 years. After using the traditional plastic canopy for 1 year, various cracks and holes will appear. If you encounter a harsh natural environment, such as a typhoon or snowfall, it will basically collapse.


3, the polycarbonate hollow sheet has high strength impact resistance:

The impact strength of the solar panel is 250-300 times that of the glass, 30 times that of the acrylic sheet of the same thickness, and 2-20 times that of the tempered glass. Traditional plastic canopies, I believe that everyone has seen a lot of reports about falling objects, if there is something downstairs, the consequences are unimaginable.


Third, the difference between glass canopy and sun panel canopy

First of all, the glass canopy is more beautiful in appearance than the sun awning, and the light transmission is slightly better. However, in terms of practicality, the glass does not have the function of automatic cleaning, and it is difficult to remove the stain after a long time. In addition, the ordinary glass is heavier than the sun plate, and the impact strength can be tolerated too much, and the cost of the glass is higher at the later stage. Therefore, the glass canopy is still not as good as the sun awning in terms of practicality.


Well, the above is the answer to the grain building materials for the choice of the sun visor or the glass structure canopy. I hope that I can help the friends who pay attention to the awning polycarbonate hollow sheet.

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