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The difference between polycarbonate solid panel and polycarbonate hollow sheet

Many friends who are unfamiliar with the endurance board and the sun board, when they heard the PC board manufacturers introduce the two kinds of PC boards, they still can't tell the difference between the PC endurance board and the PC sun board. In fact, from the perspective of practical use of the two materials of the Sunshine Board and the endurance board, the Sunshine board and the endurance board also have a relatively large gap.

Therefore, it is possible to clear the difference between the two and correct the purchase for you. Suitable PC materials have an important role to play. Next, let PC board manufacturers - wheat grain building materials and everyone to understand the difference between the sun board and the endurance board.

PC endurance board is also known as the PC solid board, single layer solid, but the price is higher, PC sun board is also called hollow board, obviously the center of PC sun board is hollow, it has a single layer, double layer or even more The layer is hollow, its sound insulation effect is much better than solid, and it is not easy to expand and shrink, causing cracks, but the pressure is not as good as the solid board, the same as the usual canopy, carport, greenhouse greenhouse A good material is affordable for generalization. It is distinguished from the weight. Because the sun plate is hollow, the material is relatively small, and the endurance plate of the same thickness and area is much heavier than the sun plate.


Hollow Sunshine Board: The main purpose is to use the light shed for lighting sheds. It has better sound insulation and heat insulation effect than solid ones, and it is not easy to cause thermal expansion and contraction. However, the pressure is not as good as the solid board. The pressure on the solid board is very good. The hammer is not bad. Of course, the sun awning is not much pressure, once it is installed, it is not pressed.


Solid endurance board: The main purpose is advertising light box, advertising light box generally rarely needs to be used for more than ten years, so the solid board generally less UV layer is introduced to the sun is not easy to aging, in the sun under the UV layer anti-sun than the pressure It is more critical, and the solid board that is not resistant to the sun and hard is also aging quickly. The solid plate is more susceptible to cracking than the hollow plate, especially at the drilling location.


It is recommended to confirm the use when purchasing PC board products: PC hollow board with UV layer as much as possible, advertising products and solid endurance board with UV resistance. Don't blindly think that solid is definitely better than hollow, or depends on the purpose. If the solid board is also co-extruded like imported raw materials such as hollow sheets, then the solid board is definitely durable, so the price will be several times different. If the temporary turnover shed is used for the turnover box, please use the hollow board without UV, and you can customize it according to your own use, which can save a lot of money.

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