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The advantages of polycarbonate hollow sheets for greenhouse lighting

With the use of PC Sunshine panels in various industry sectors, especially in the construction and agriculture sectors, the use is becoming more common and common. Nowadays, in many agriculturally developed areas across the country, most of the greenhouses, breeding greenhouses, greenhouses or sunrooms built by them use PC solar panels (hollow panels) for lighting and insulation. So, what are the advantages of the PC hollow sun board?

1. High transmittance of PC hollow solar panel The polycarbonate raw material used in PC sunshine board can achieve light transmittance of up to 88%. Moreover, the thermal insulation effect of PC solar panel is very good, ensuring good photosynthesis of greenhouse crops. The effect is beneficial to the growth of vegetables or plants. This is a function of plastic film greenhouses that can not allow plants to normally perform photosynthesis cycles.

Second, the flame retardant properties of PC hollow solar panels

PC hollow sun plate itself has self-extinguishing self-extinguishing property, and its good flame retardant effect is mainly that the PC hollow sun plate itself has a relatively high ignition point of up to 580 degrees Celsius. Even if it is directly ignited, it is difficult to burn and will not promote the fire. Spread, and, when the hollow plate is burned, it will not produce toxic and harmful gases.

Third, the impact resistance of PC hollow solar panels

PC Sunshine Board, also known as polycarbonate hollow board, Caboon board, polycarbonate board, etc., is made of high performance engineering plastic polycarbonate resin. Its impact strength is more than 100 times that of ordinary glass greenhouses, 30 times more than the strength of acrylic, and about 20 times the strength of tempered glass.

The use of PC hollow sun panels as greenhouse greenhouse lighting panels can also effectively resist the invasion of blizzard, hail and typhoon, and protect the products in the greenhouse from damage. It is a good choice for many vegetables, cherries, strawberries and valuable flower greenhouses.

Through the sunshine board manufacturers - Songxia Building Materials editor about the PC sun board to do the greenhouse popularization of the simple, I believe that everyone has a preliminary understanding of the advantages of PC hollow sun panels for greenhouse lighting, want to know more about PC Sunshine board knowledge, you can contact Songxia building materials.

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