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why you choose solid polycarbonate sheet for canopy

There are many types of canopies on the market now, including canopy fabrics, push-pull retractable canopies, glass canopies, and film canopies. Today, Songxia building materials tell you why most people are now choosing canopy Solid Polycarbonate Sheet, especially some municipal projects and private household carport canopies. I hope it can help friends who want to know about endurance panel canopies.

First of all, the canopy Solid Polycarbonate Sheet is made of PC material, which has the reputation of not breaking glass, and has a high light transmittance. The light transmittance of the transparent PC board can reach 89%, which is almost the same as that of glass. Therefore, the Solid Polycarbonate Sheet It is a good lighting material. Like the Solid Polycarbonate Sheet canopy produced by Songxia building materials, the UV coating on the surface can effectively resist ultraviolet radiation, and it will not appear yellow and foggy after prolonged exposure, resulting in poor light transmission.

Secondly, the Solid Polycarbonate Sheet canopy produced by some Solid Polycarbonate Sheet manufacturers is very good in terms of sound insulation and noise reduction. The appearance of silent canopies has also made many consumers like it. After all, don't listen to the crackling outside in rainy days.

In addition, the chemical resistance of Solid Polycarbonate Sheet, strong bending, flame resistance, good tensile strength, fatigue resistance and creep resistance are also the embodiment of its excellent performance, and, during construction, it is easy to handle, drill, and It can be directly cold-formed, has good processing performance, and has strong toughness, can make a certain arch effect, and enhance the ornamental and design of the Solid Polycarbonate Sheet canopy.

Finally, in addition to choosing the Solid Polycarbonate Sheet canopy, some friends may consider the form of a stainless steel frame with a glass canopy. In fact, when choosing a glass canopy, most people still think that the glass canopy is more beautiful and has better light transmission. However, the practicality of the glass canopy is not better than that of the Solid Polycarbonate Sheet canopy, and once the high-rise residents are not careful If something is dropped, it is very likely to smash through the glass, and in the future use, if it is always broken, replace it, and the cost is too high.

Based on the above, from the perspective of the practicality, durability and safety of the Solid Polycarbonate Sheet canopy, the editor of Songxia building materials still recommends that friends choose the canopy made of Solid Polycarbonate Sheet material more cost-effective.

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