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6mm polycarbonate sheet_hard coated polycarbonate sheet_polycarbonate roof

Product Thickness:1.2mm-12mm; Width:within 2100mm; Length:6000mm(Customized)
Product Color:Clear,Brown,Cream,Blue,Green(Customized)
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Product Details

Product Description

 The 6mm Polycarbonate Roof Sheet (As customer's requirements,we also supply hard coated polycarbonate sheet)

NameSongxia Polycarbonate Flat Solid Sheet
ApplicationCommercial Curtain Wall, Greenhouse, Carport, Awning, Billboard, Security Protection, Highway Sound Insulation, etc.
Widthcan be customized within 2100mm
Length60000mm or can be customized
PackageBoth sides with PE film and As customer's requirements
OEM Services

As customer's requirements

Polycarbonate Sheet Characteristics

1. Anti-wind, anti-hail, anti-falling objects from high altitude

The impact resistance strength of Polycarbonate sheet is 20 times that of tempered glass, and it is not broken even under 5 kg drop hammer impact. It is very suitable for greenhouses, cherry rain sheds, tunnel roofs, outdoor lighting sheds, carport awnings, Explosion-proof shields, etc.

2. The light transmittance is comparable to glass, safe and stable

The light transmittance of the transparent Polycarbonate sheet can reach 88%, the light transmittance is comparable to that of glass, the light is bright and not dazzling, and the Polycarbonate sheet has no odor, is safe and stable, and has the reputation of "not broken glass".

3. Thermal insulation and anti-fogging, resist ultraviolet radiation

The UV coating on the surface of the Polycarbonate sheet can not only prevent the Polycarbonate sheet from atomizing and prolong the service life of the Polycarbonate sheet, but also effectively block the penetration of ultraviolet rays. The role of energy saving. The anti-fogging pc sheet has the characteristics of non-fogging. Therefore, the anti-fog pc sheet is also widely used in medical goggles, protective masks and other fields.

4. Sound insulation and noise reduction, light weight, convenient for transportation and installation

The weight of Polycarbonate sheet is about half of the same thickness of glass, which is convenient for transportation and installation. In addition, the Polycarbonate sheet has excellent sound insulation effect, and the 10mm Polycarbonate sheet reduces noise by about 33 decibels. It is a good choice for highway and urban road noise barriers.

5. It can be arched and bendable, with strong plasticity

The Polycarbonate sheet has strong plasticity and strong folding resistance. It can be cold-formed without heating at normal temperature, and can be bent into a round arch and other shapes according to requirements.

6. Long service life and good weather resistance

Songxia Polycarbonate sheet uses imported Bayer raw materials, and the warranty is 10 years. In addition, the anti-ultraviolet coating on the surface of the Polycarbonate sheet protects the sheet from fading,it has good weather resistance.

Company Information


1.High Quality: with advanced producing equipment and strong QC team.

2.High Supply Ability: with 8 producing lines and output of 50,000 tons per year.

3.Rich Experience: with more than 10 years experience.

4.Nice Service: quick reply and warm service to meet your needs.

5.Quality Assurance: 5-10 years.

6.impact resistance, bendable, high transmittance, difficult to burn, light-weight, nice sound insulation, anti-drip, anti-ultraviolet light, energy saving,  environmental protection, etc.

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