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Flat Solid Dome Polycarbonate

Product Thickness:1.2mm-12mm; Width:within 2100mm; Length:6000mm(Customized)
Product Color:Clear,Brown,Cream,Blue,Green(Customized)
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Product Details

Product Description

UV Coated Roofing Skylight Flat Solid Dome Polycarbonate 

NameSongxia Polycarbonate Dome
ApplicationSkylight roof
CoatingUV Protection Coating
SizeCan be customized
WarrantyUsually 10 years. Depends on the models you order
OEM ServicesAs customer's requirements

Application Scope

Polycarbonate panels for geodesic domes are primarily used for greenhouse structures. The two main justifications for this material is strength and durability. It is not to be confused with acrylic.


Exceptional light transmission

Extreme clarity ensures excellent light transmission. Solid polycarbonate sheet with light transmission up to 88% can compare favorably with glass. UV protection film aids in resistances against yellowing and loss of light transmission.

High impact strength

Solid structure gives higher impact strength then other plastic sheets or hollow polycarbonate sheets. Its impact strength is about as 100 times much as common glass, and about 10 timer stronger than toughened glass.


The weight of solid polycarbonate sheet is only one half of glass of the same volume. Light weight saves freight and installation costs.

Thermal insulation

Polycarbonate sheets have lower thermal conductivity (K-valve), hence reduce the loss of thermal. It is used in buildings to provide a cool summer and warm winter without extra air-conditioning fee.

Product performance

Specific Gravityg/cm21.2
Light Transmission%88
Impact StrengthJ/m850
The Bending StrengthN/mm2100
Tensile StrengthN/mm2≥60
Modulus of Elasticitympa2400
TensileStressat Breakmpa≥65
Elongation at Break%>100
Specific HeatKJ/KG · k1.17
Heat ConductivityW/m2· K0.2
HeatDeflection Temperature°C140
Coefficientof Thermal Expansionmm/m2 ·°C0.067
Range of Temperature°C`-40~~ +120
Effect of Soundproof10mm solid sheet33 db attenuation

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