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Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet

Product Thickness:1.2mm-12mm; Width:within 2100mm; Length:6000mm(Customized)
Product Color:Clear,Brown,Cream,Blue,Green(Customized)
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Product Details

Polycarbonate PC Optical Diffusion plate is the use of light through the chemical particles and resins between the continuous refraction, reflection and scattering, the formation of uniform diffusion effect of light. It is characterized by sufficient transmittance and light diffusion, high abrasion resistance, can reduce the light guide plate of the Hui point, dot, glow line, uneven and other phenomena, at the same time through the optical scattering of the plate to improve the uniformity of the backlight light source, so as to obtain uniform surface light illumination of a new optical material

Product Description

UV Protection Opal Color Polycarbonate Light Diffuser Sheet 

NameSongxia Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheets
Light transmission60%-85%, the common PC milky white plate is 20%
LengthCan be customized
PackageBoth sides with PE film and As customer's requirements
WarrantyUsually 10 years. Depends on the models you order
OEM ServicesAs customer's requirements


The scattering and transmission of light is increased by the diffusion of diffusion plate, which can make the light source emit uniform, soft and beautiful light at the same time, and achieve the comfortable effect of transparent transmittance. And in the absence of a light source, can also show excellent brightness, can make the light source full scattering on the LED lamp source does not penetrate, so that the entire plate surface to form a uniform luminous surface without forming a dark area, in the screen will not form a residual image, so that the picture is more realistic, to achieve a crystal clear visual effect.


  • Used in LED lamps, LED electronic display.

  • Electronic Display card, digital tube, dot matrix module. A variety of luminescent products of the transmittance, Uniform light panel. LED and fluorescent lamps for the light source of the advertising lighting box, billboards, outdoor billboards.

  • Luminescent signage; Medical machinery, commodity display cabinets, bar, and heat processing made of various shapes of PC light cover, light source cover and so on. As decoration materials can be widely used in exhibitions, commercial space and room decoration, to create a special stage lighting effect, natural lighting roof lamps. With special-shaped design, used for a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting projects, image walls, luminous ceilings, walls, cultural walls, partition walls and so on.

Product performance

Specific Gravityg/cm21.2
Light Transmission%88
Impact StrengthJ/m850
The Bending StrengthN/mm2100
Tensile StrengthN/mm2≥60
Modulus of Elasticitympa2400
TensileStressat Breakmpa≥65
Elongation at Break%>100
Specific HeatKJ/KG · k1.17
Heat ConductivityW/m2· K0.2
HeatDeflection Temperature°C140
Coefficientof Thermal Expansionmm/m2 ·°C0.067
Range of Temperature°C`-40~~ +120
Effect of Soundproof10mm solid sheet33 db attenuation

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